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Only WordPress Plugin for Delivery

Management with Driver Apps

Use WordPress As Your Frontend Website & Take Delivery orders that will be sent to XpressDelivery for fulfilment.

XpressDelivery has deep integration with wordpress. After adding wordpress delivery plugin you will be able to add a form on your wordpress website. Your users can add pickup and drop tasks for your delivery business which are pushed to Xpressdelivery for fulfilment and AutoAssigned to your delivery team on their Driver App..

Build A Complete WordPress Delivery Management System

Build a complete and cost effective delivery management system with XpressDelivery and WordPress. Use wordpress as your corporate business website and also your delivery and pickup orders taking site. The WordPress Delivery Plugin by XpressDelivery allows you to add a page on your wordpress site from where your users can add delivery and pickup tasks for you. You can insert this page/form anywhere on your site via shortcodes. The tasks submitted by your users on wordpress site will be sent to XpressDelivery for fulfillment. From Xpressdelivery you can autoassign the tasks to your delivery team via the driver apps that are provided by XpressDelivery. Business Owners can manage tasks, view everything on maps in real time, view historical data and reports and manage the entire business online seamlessly. Driver can accept/reject tasks, view route to customers location, get Proof Of Deliveries, update task status, show their location in realtime to customers etc.

How Does WordPress Plugin For Delivery Management Works

  • Using Our Delivery Management For WordPress Plugin you can add a custom page on wordpress to take pickup and drop tasks.

  • The custom page will allowyour users to input pickup and drop tasks details and place order for your services.

  • When order is placed via this page it is sent to xpressdelivery app as task for fulfilment.

  • Xpressdelivery App then automatically assigns the tasks to your delivery team members based on their location and availability.

  • Dispatch team have their own driver apps and they can accept or reject the tasks based on their realtime scenario.

  • The driver app lets the dispatch team view task details, route from current location to customer location, Capture POD via signature or image, change task status, get push notifications in real time etc.

  • Customers can track realtime location of the dispatch team using provided link.

  • Admin can view statusof all tasks and drivers on realtime map view and all table view.

  • All updates are sent to admin dashboard in realtime about the task.

  • owner can generate historical data and reportsabout all tasks as and when needed.

Amazing Features of Our WordPress Delivery Management Plugin

Wordpress Plugin

Our WordPress Delivery Management Plugin deeply integrates with wordpress and allows you to send orders from your wordpress site to xpressdelivery app as tasks for your dispatch team.

Create Complete Delivery Website

Build a complete delivery website for your courier/delivery service with wordpress and xpressdelivery plugin. Use wordpress as your corporate site and business info and xpressdelivery for taking orders.

Historical Data & Reports

Save and store all your orders and tasks info in the your account. You can also store the entire route history that your driver takes for days, weeks or months and view it later for billing.

Eagle Eye Maps Dashboard

View all tasks, driver and customers locations on map in beautiful eagle eye view and be always on the top of things. You can view task status also on the map and see delayed tasks highlighted. Give your customers a smooth delivery exp.

Simplified Task Management

Simplify your tasks management and move from paper and bricks work management to using technology to simply and automate your work. Never see a task delayed and generate automated billing for paying your drivers.

Automatic Assignment

Tasks can be automatically assigned to your dispatch team based on multiple autoassignment logic like first send task to the driver closest to the delivery location or send task concurrently to all dispatch team and assign to the one who first accepts.

Driver Apps

Dispatch team has their own driver apps from where they can manage all their tasks.. The drivers can view all new incoming tasks, view their details, accept/reject tasks, change status, send and recieve push notifications, view routes to customer location etc. From their apps.

Proof Of Deliveries

One of the most important artifacts needed to close a delivery efficiently is Proof that delivery has been done. Driver apps allows the dispatch team to easily capture proof of deliveries via digital signature and photos.

WordPress Delivery Management Plugin/Module

XpressDelivery WordPress Delivery Management Plugin/Module helps you build a complete self supported delivery or courier business system software. WordPress is an excellent CMS and you can easily built your corporate website with wordpress. After adding xpressdelivery WordPress Delivery Management Plugin/Module you can add a page on your wordpress site from where your users/customers can place their delivery task orders.

When the order is placed on your wordpress site the plugins send the order as a task to xpressdelivery dashboard and here the order is autoassigned to your dispatch team. The dispatch team gets the order as task in their driver apps and they can view all details of the task in here itself. Your customers can viw real time location of your dispatch team with the link provided by xpressdelivery app.

Driver have their own driver apps and can manage their tasks from their and update all task details and status from the app.

All your tasks can be easily managed from xpressdelivery dashboard with the entire system being able to be seen on google maps with an eagle eye view.