Improve Your Profit Margins By 40% On Deliveries

       XpressDelivery App - Woocommmerce Delivery & Dispatch Management system is a complete system to help you automate and manage the deliveries from your store. Any store that does deliveries locally and even long distance can use the system. The process is very simple yet fully automated, when a customer places order on your woocommerce store - the order is sent as task to XpressDelivery account and from here it is autoassigned to your drivers/delivery team as per the custom business logic you set in the system for order and delivery assignment. This can also be done manually. The entire process is based on geolocation and managed from backend with birds eye view on maps. Drivers/Delivery members have their own driver android and ios apps. In the apps they can manage the deliveries assigned to them.

How Does Woocommmerce Delivery App Works

Few Features Of Woocommerce Delivery Management System

Woocommerce plugin

We have created a plugin for woocommerce. The plugin takes the order placed on your woocommerce store and sends it as a task to XpressDelivery App and from here it can be automatically assigned to your delivery teams.

Historical Data & Reports

Leave the paper bound accounts methods and out dated methods behind. our Delivery Management System provides advanced analytical data and reports including forecasts and historical data. You can export all data to excel.

Seamless tasks Management

Our Woocommerce Delivery Management System provides seamless task management. View snapshot of all tasks,zoom to get detailed view of the task at micro level.Manage Tasks by Status, get intimation on delayed tasks, automate tasks and repeat tasks.

Birds-Eye Maps View

View everything in real time with a birds eye view on google maps. driver locations, customer locations and even tasks status can be seen in real time. This birds eye view of woocommerce Delivery Management System helps you stay on top of everything.

Automatic Assignment

Woocommerce Delivery Management System helps you organize your deliveries in much better way. Your tasks can be assigned automatically to drivers on avaibility or nearest location of the driver or sending to most active driver.

Mobile App Of Drivers

Driver have their own mobile apps from where they can manage all their tasks efficiently. They can view all new incoming tasks, accept or reject the task, view routes, capture images and signatures etc. all in real-time.

Proof Of Deliveries

Today technology offers advanced methods of capturing Proof Of Delivery compared to legacy methods. XpressDelivery Offers digital signtures as Proof Of Delivery and also capturing realtime images and geolocation of images and status.

Flawless Commmunications

The system has push notifications integrated in the system for easy and cost effective communication. Push are sent to all stakeholders on all important events like when driver reached customer location. On Demand SMS is also available.

Woocommmerce Delivery Management Plugin/Module

Our plugin converts your woocommerce website to a Woocommmerce Delivery Management System. The main function of the plugin is to take qualified orders from your wooocommerce store and send to XpressDelivery App as a Task to be executed and fulfilled by your Drivers/Delivery team.

Woocommmerce Delivery Management plugin can be downloaded free from here or can be downloaded from Official wordpress plugin marketplace here.

After adding the plugin you need to fill in your account details. Then you can set custom status of the orders which should go to XpressDelivery App as a task. For example when you set status PAID in plugin only the orders which have status PAID will go to XpressDelivery App as Tasks. Other Orders with different status will not go to XpressDelivery App as tasks.

You can also set fixed delivery date and time in the tasks details automatically for drivers/delivery team members. You can do this by simply adding the number of days your standard delivery time is and based on this the delivery date and time will be set. So in the woocommmerce Delivery Management plugin if you set the Hours as 72 in the settings then in XpressDelivery System the delivery date and time for driver will be 3 days after the order is placed. The plugin is completely customizable for individual business needs as needed.

Note - The Woocommerce Delivery Management plugin only works with woocommerce version 3.6 and above. We have wordpress version also coming up soon.

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$ 0.00

Предел членства 1 месяц

FOREVER FREE - Try XpressDelivery App with a free account, no credit card required

  • - Разрешается 2 driver.
  • - Разрешается 30 Задача.
  • - Нет функций SMS
  • - С Push-трансляцией
$ 5.00

До $7.00

Предел членства 1 месяц

For businesses that are starting up

  • - Разрешается 7 driver.
  • - Разрешается 70 Задача.
  • - Нет функций SMS
  • - С Push-трансляцией
$ 7.00

До $10.00

Предел членства 1 месяц

For established businesses with low delivery requirement

  • - Разрешается 7 driver.
  • - Разрешается 150 Задача.
  • - Нет функций SMS
  • - С Push-трансляцией
$ 13.00

До $20.00

Предел членства 1 месяц

For Well Established Businesses with average requirements for a delivery management system

  • - Разрешается 10 driver.
  • - Разрешается 250 Задача.
  • - Нет функций SMS
  • - С Push-трансляцией
$ 25.00

До $35.00

Предел членства 1 месяц

For Delivery businesses with high requirements of a delivery and dispatch management system

  • - Разрешается 10 driver.
  • - Разрешается 500 Задача.
  • - Нет функций SMS
  • - С Push-трансляцией
$ 49.00

До $60.00

Предел членства 1 месяц

For busy delivery businesses and enterprises that needs high performing delivery management system

  • - Разрешается Неограниченный driver.
  • - Разрешается 1000 Задача.
  • - Нет функций SMS
  • - С Push-трансляцией

*For customer with requirements of more than 1000 tasks plz contact us after completing your free trial account - we also provide custom subscriptions for requirements of more than 1000 tasks per month.
**SMS services can be bought for any subscription. You can buy fixed number of sms per month based on your requirement.