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The Best Prestashop Delivery &

Dispatch Management System.

Automatically Send Orders From Your Prestashop Store To XpressDelivery

Optimize and streamline your Delivery Management Services with. XpressDelivery App Automate Dispatch, Optimize Routes, Get Real Time Tracking and Alerts, Do Seamless Communication, Proof Of Delivery, Eagle Eye view and more. Earn more profits with the No. 1 Field Force Management Software..

Improve Your Order Fulfilment Process by 70%

XpressDelivery App – Prestashop Delivery & Dispatch Management system is proven to improve your order fulfilment process by 70%. The system can be used any business that do deliveries to customers. When an order is placed in your Prestashop based website it is sent to XpressDelivery App as a task. From here the entire order fulfilment process is automated. The order is assigned as task in XpressDelivery App from where it is automatically autoassigned to the delivery guys as per custom business logic set by you. The task can also be manually assigned. Everything is managed via GPS/Google maps. The delivery guys have their own Android and iOS apps where they get notified of all the incoming tasks, can accept or reject the tasks, see optimised route to the customers location and manage all their deliveries.

How Does XpressDelivery App Works

  • Automatically send your Orders placed on Prestashop Store as Tasks to XpressDelivery via our plugin/module.

  • Task Gets Added in XpressDelivery Management System from where Admin can manage the task from Map based Dashboard.

  • Dashboard has tasklist and Real-Time Map view. All task details, status, assignees etc. can be viewed. Notification for delayed tasks can be set.

  • Task can be Manually Assigned or Auto-Assigned to the drivers based on their distance from the location or to all drivers on FIFO method.

  • Drivers/Delivery Team accepts the task from their appsthe admin gets intimation in their dashboard and can track on their dashboard.

  • Driver can see all task details in their appsand also view the route to customers location on google maps.

  • Customer can track the drivers locationusing a link provided to them.

  • Drivers reach customer location they can intimate customer via push notification that they have reached their location and can take Proof Of Delivery in diff ways like take picture, or get customer signature in the app etc.

  • After delivery driver updates status of the task as completedand admin gets notified of the same and status of the task in dashboard is automatically updated to completed.

  • Business Owner can view all historical dataand reports in their admin dashboard.

Few Features Of Prestashop Delivery Management System

Prestashop Module

XpressDelivery App has very tight integration with Prestashop latest version via a prestashop module available and maintained by us. The module sends all your incoming orders to XpressDelivery App automatically.

Reports & Historical Data

Our Delivery Management System provides comprehensive reports and historical statics of your drivers and teams on click of button. get all data on your finger tips.

Robust Task Management

See all tasks in list view with all details, Manage Tasks by Status, get intimation on delayed tasks, automate tasks and repeat tasks. View multiple Reports. Easily manage all your deliveries and be in the top to the things.

Eagle Eye Maps View

Never miss an activity in your business. See everything in real time on google maps - driver locations, customer locations and even tasks status can be seen in real time. Driver daily route historical data is also stored and can be viewed.

Automatic assignment

Tasks and deliveries can be either manually assigned to delivery guys or can be assigned automatically either on closest distance//proximity or first come first serve basis or availability.

Driver Mobile Apps

Driver can accept and manage tasks, view optimised routes from their location to customer location, update status, capture images and signature all from their mobile apps.

Proof Of Deliveries

See Driver can capture signatures and images as Proof of Deliveries in their apps with geotags and in their apps and upload for review.

Seamless Notifications

Be updated in real time using push notifications and emails. We also provide SMS on demand. All notifications can be customised for your business.

Prestashop Delivery Management Addon/Plugin/Module

XpressDelivery provides a Prestashop Delivery Management Addon that needs to be added to your Prestashop store. This Addon will automatically take the qualified orders from your store and send to XpressDelivery App as a Task to be executed and fulfilled by your Drivers/Delivery team.

Prestashop Delivery Management Addon can be downloaded free from our website here or can be downloaded from Official Prestashop Addons store.*Plz note that the Addon available in the Official Prestashop Addons store costs €29. This is coz Prestashop does not allow to provide free addons in the Official Prestashop Addons store unless we pay them for partnership.

In the addon you can set the status of orders that you want to be sent to XpressDelivery System so that all orders do not go to XpressDelivery System as tasks for example you can add status - PAID in the Prestashop Delivery Management Addon settings and then only orders with status marked as paid will go to XpressDelivery System as tasks. Infact you can create a new status like Send for Delivery or something similar to make only specific tasks go to XpressDelivery System as tasks.

You can also set fixed delivery date and time in the tasks details automatically for drivers/delivery team members. You can do this by simply adding the number of days your standard delivery time is and based on this the delivery date and time will be set. So in the Prestashop Delivery Management Addon if you set the Hours as 72 in the settings then in XpressDelivery System the delivery date and time for driver will be 3 days after the order is placed.

Note - The Prestashop Delivery Management Addon does not work with Prestashop 1.6 and only works with Prestashop 1.7 and above.

Click Here to know more about how to use the Prestashop Delivery Management Addon.

XpressDelivery App pricing

No commitment, no hidden charges and no complications; simple and transparent pricing. Your business is unique and our pricing structure is flexible. Let’s get started



$ 0
  • Allowed 1 driver.
  • Allowed 20 Task.
  • NO SMS Features
  • With Push Broadcast


$ 10
  • Allowed 2 driver.
  • Allowed 70 Task.
  • NO SMS Features
  • With Push Broadcast


$ 20
  • Allowed 4 driver.
  • Allowed 150 Task.
  • NO SMS Features
  • With Push Broadcast


$ 40
  • Allowed 8 driver.
  • Allowed 300 Task.
  • NO SMS Features
  • With Push Broadcast


$ 70
  • Allowed 10 driver.
  • Allowed 500 Task.
  • NO SMS Features
  • With Push Broadcast


$ 95
  • Allowed unlimited driver.
  • Allowed 700 Task.
  • NO SMS Features
  • With Push Broadcast

*For customer with requirements of more than 1000 tasks plz contact us after completing your free trial account – we also provide custom subscriptions for requirements of more than 1000 tasks per month.
**SMS services can be bought for any subscription. You can buy fixed number of sms per month based on your requirement.